Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Wear The Veil Day"

Today is "Wear The Veil Day", promoted by the Latin Mass Society to encourage preservation of this tradition of the Catholic Church.  I wore a hat or a veil as a child growing up in the Catholic Church.  Then things changed, I changed, a very long story of me leaving the Church, abandoning faith altogether, or so I thought.  Then, after the horrendous events of 9/11, I found myself drawn back to faith through the absolute need for my Redeemer and the guidance by other Christians.  First, I attended a non-denominational Christian church for several years.  But I always felt myself longing for the Catholic traditions and liturgy of my past.  I "came home" to the Catholic Church in 2005.  When I first went back, I always wore a hat or veil.  But I felt awkward because I was practically the only one in my church who did so (with the exception of one lovely lady who is always in a veil).  So I welcomed this encouragement to wear the veil again!

Today I wore it.  Happily, the lovely veil-wearing lady I mentioned above happened to be at the same Mass.  She and I were the only ones as far as I could tell.  But it was good.  And I was glad!


Lisa said...

Hi, Celeste! I saw your name in the comments at Anna's blog, and wondered if it was the same Celeste from Jennie's forum.
I wear a veil to Mass, and I'm sure I look odd, although perhaps they're used to me by now.
A Blessed Advent to you. :)

9peasMom said...

I have a veil but have never worn it to Mass, I think they are beautiful but I am pretty shy about it. Posts like this give me a little courage to maybe give it a try sometime!

Celeste said...

Lisa, yes it's me! Blessed Advent to you too!

Celeste said...

Kathryn, I am the same way. For some reason, hats make me feel less concerned. I think a lot of my discomfort is all in my head!